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     Yangtze Solar Power which is a group company have supplied more than 4GW photovoltaic solar panels and solar cell and 12 million units of batteries , solar charger controllers and solar inverters  . Yangtze Solar is  focusing on product development , production , system integration , sales and service . Products include 125x125mm solar cell , 156x156mm solar cell , 166x166mm solar cell, 182x182mm solar cell , 210x210mm solar cell ,Poly-crystalline PV panel , Mono-crystalline PV panel  , Lithium Battery ,Valve Regulated Lead Acid ( VRLA) Battery  , Solar Charge Controller , Solar Inverter ,Turn-key completed Off Grid and On Grid solar systems . We aim to develop, manufacture, and deliver the most reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions to every corner in the world . 

      Our Solar PV module factory covers 90,000 Square Meters ,has more than 750 employees .With an emphasis on management , research and development , Yangtze Solar continuously manufactures leading-edge products . The modules range from 5W~550W and are approved by TUV , UL , CE ,IEC61215 ,IEC61730  ,CEC ,JET . The production capacity of solar panel has reached 800MW in 2020 . 



Our Battery factory covers 80,000 Square Meters ,has more than 700 employees .The batteries made by Yangtze Solar include Lithium Battery, 2V&12V VRLA AGM type , VRLA GEL type , OPzS and OPzV type which can be applied in Solar Power Plant Storage , Wind Energy Storage, Fire Alarm System ,Telecommunications ,UPS , Emergency Lighting , etc . The production capacity of battery has reached 2 million units in 2020 .  







Our Solar Charge Controller and Inverter factory covers 11,000 Square Meters ,has more than 150 employees .The charge controllers and inverters made by Yangtze Solar include PWM Controller , MPPT Controller , pure sine wave inverter . All types of inverters and controllers are approved by CE , UL . The products have been exported to more 80 different countries . 

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Yangtze Solar also offers the turn-key integration system that incorporate solar , LED lighting , energy products . We have installed and invested several both jointly and independently in China and abroad .


     The company follows ISO9001 quality system strictly . Up to date , Yangtze Solar has largely realized production line automation with imported advanced equipment and technology from Germany , USA and Japan .We keep strict controls on incoming inspection , production process , finished goods inspection. All products are certified by TUV IEC(Germany) ,UL(America) ,JET(Japan) ,CEC( Australia ) and CE . With excellent quality and good reputation , Yangtze Solar Panel and battery have been exported to more 120 different countries in the worldwide , especially to America , Germany , UK , Japan .  

     Yangtze Solar will continue to innovate and improve its renewable energy product portfolio , to help the world create a cleaner and brighter future . 

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